What is the 7 steps meditation?

This meditation is a quick and focused meditation what you can do in only 8 minutes, anywhere.

I do this concentrated meditation of 7 steps at least once everyday.

What are these 7 steps?

  1. Grounding and connecting
  2. Love
  3. Gratitude
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Vision
  6. Ideal day
  7. Blessing

For this meditation you do not need to sit in a lotus position, you do not need to empty your brain, you do not need to pay attention to your breathing. You only take these 7 steps which help you to get in a healthier, more positive emotional and mental state, in order to get to your goals, to visualize and create your desired future. Meanwhile you get relaxed, freshened and get in a good mood, in only 8 minutes.

There are many different kinds of meditation. Meditation means focus.

There is one kind, where we focus on silence, emptiness, try to turn off our mind, to calm it down, and to be honest it can be very difficult. There is also a meditation art, which has a specific topic, a focus what can be used to keep our mind busy. Both types of meditations are about concentration, focus and paying attention. There are some people, who can focus more easily, if they are being led during the meditation, or listening to some music. There are also those, who can meditate on their own rhythm. Meditation is not a one-time activity, it is a daily routine, a habit we practice every day. You can meditate on your own, or you can group together and meditate on a common purpose, common cause.

I use meditation in my daily routine, in my workshops, in the constellation and coaching sessions, and we also often start our international meetings with meditation. It is powerful!

Would you like to download the 7 steps meditation in audio and text, click here and will send it to you.