Gyulai Orsolya (GO) is a conscious entrepreneur, spiritual healer, consultant, coach and mother.

Orsolya is the founder of, specializing in innovative personal and business development. is collecting and sharing tools, models, systems and approaches, which are effective on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to reach freedom and harmony in all areas of life.

Freedom & harmony in personal and business development, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level!


Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, in 2003 I moved to Vienna, Austria to study at the University of Economics and Business, where I majored in Foreign Trade, Entrepreneurship & Innovationmanagement. There I discovered through my diploma thesis about success factors for start ups, that happiness and joy are the main key succes factors both in private and in business life.

Spiritual and personal development

To deal with the challenges as a student, migrant and job searcher, I turned to alternative approaches. As a child I studied The Silva Method, a popular mindfulness program developed by Jose Silva, to develop my learning skills. I learned to relax, meditate, memorize, and how to release stress. Throughout the years, I  attended master classes in spiritual, energetic healing (Prananadi) and studied spiritual response therapy (SRT). I attended self-awareness workshops, mastered as soul- and spirit healer, graduated as familiy- and system constellation therapist. As a certified personal development coach I can put all the studies and methods under one frame. After reading hundreds of books and visiting many courses I could help myself and my loved-ones better and better to reach harmony and abundance in their life.

The newest method I use is SSC (Superconscious Self-Coaching™).


In one of my first jobs as a Junior Consultant, we added the system constellation method (based on the family constellation concept by Bert Hellinger) to the traditional business consulting. We helped the companies to find complex solutions by means of a very effective energetic system. After this I did process- and project management for a multinational company in Vienna: created and optimalized processes with a team, held trainings for the colleagues. I had everything I was wishing for.

This was the time when I realized, I would like to follow my own passion and step on my journey, following my dreams and setting up my own company.

This was the beginning of!