Ethical codex

As qualified spiritual, personal and business development coach, I comply with following ethical behaviorial rules: I practice my profession with competence and effectively integrate entrepreneurial, personal development and spiritual skills in my work. Furthermore, I obligate to continuously develop myself and practice regular self-awareness. For this reason I can remain authentic in my work and support the coachee on a wide variety of topics to find the best suitable solutions.


What is coaching?

It is an assisting, supportive, conversational process based on one or more specific topics. The tools and methods used in the coaching are topic and person related. Choosing the right tool and method is the responsibility of the coach. Coaching can include one or more sessions as part of an ongoing longer-term process.

Who is the coach?

The coach is a trainer, holding space for the coaching, leading the process, supporting the coachee to find the answers to his questions and the solutions to his challenges.

Who is the coachee?

The coachee is the client, can differ from the contractor. The coachee takes responsibility for the whole process by his attendance, his collaboration for his own progress and his own physical and mental health.

What is personal development coaching?

As a coach, I support the coachee during the coaching process to find the answers to his questions and the solutions to his problems. It means, that I show him how he can be more self-aware, so that he himself can indicate the changes in his own life by recognizing and strengthening his abilities and skills. Besides the methods, models, techniques, I also help the client to raise awareness by sharing my own experiences. Self-awareness is an extremely important part of coaching. Not only the coach, but also the coachee is fully responsible for the whole coaching process.

What is spiritual coaching?

The sense of spiritual coaching is the holisitc approach of the different topics (oneness of body-mind-soul and spirit, systematic thinking), raising consciousness (mapping, transforming and releasing the unconscious patterns and negative blocks), and strenghtening of mindfulness in our everyday life. Also the knowledge and following of universal laws and energies are important part of the process, to be able to optimize our goals, and finding the answers to following questions: “What is my mission in this world? With what can I contribute to the development of others and myself? Am I on my path?…etc.

What is business coaching?

The main topics of business coaching are: career planning, clarification of workplace skills, creating business strategies and plans, stress management, dealing with conflicts at work, harmonization of work and other life areas, time management, delegation, motivation, decision making, personal branding, networking, management skills training, team building, entrepreneurship…etc.

What is spiritual business coaching?

In spiritual business coaching, I combine the spiritual methods with business planning and business models. I connect the material world with the inconceivable energies. During the conversation we elevate the unconscious energies of your business to a conscious level. Therefore the coachee is able to find easy and simple solutions to his problems by simply recognizing what is the current status. The traditional way of doing business and the solutions that have been used until now do not bring the expected results. It often occures that successful businessmen get in crisis, even though it seems that they did everything they could. The spiritual world, the invisible energies can, however, hinder us in our success. Everyone can use these energies for their own benefit, provided that these are respected and used by love, from the heart. During the coaching I can show and teach  you methods and tricks to easily transform your blocking energies into supporting ones.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.