Freedom by Design – bestseller

Our book – Freedom by Design – is available on Amazonon and it became a bestselling book in Business!

It is a fantastic feeling to have participated in this project! I wrote a 5000 words chapter about my story and my journey towards the freedom lifestyle I live now; how I managed to have my own company and life after divorce, with my child in a foreign country.

The writing process was not easy to be honest, I woke up every day in the morning and dedicated one hour to write my chapter each and every day in January. In my chapter: “How to GO free” I share a little bit about myself, and the importance of the family dynamics in our life and the beautiful method of family constellation applied in business topics.

With the other inspiring authors we share topics and stories about our own freedom. I think freedom means something different for everyone, but still we share the same values. What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom by Design, Live life on your own terms, is available for just one more day at 0,99 EUR.

ALL the fund that come in, will be going towards B1G1 organization, e-learning facility for rural kids in India. It’s a wonderful project and we are grateful to support it with the book.

You can quickly pop on here to download it;

And if you’d like to come to Spain with us, you can also win your full participation at the Freedom X Festival in August, a 6-day event in a remote village in Northern Spain amidst the Pyrenees mountains… 1 village, 250 hectares, 1000+ attendees, loads of Freedom talks and workshops. Connect in person. Create collaborations that can last a lifetime.

Then you can get your entry in when downloading your copy of the book
We look forward to seeing you in Spain, What a trip that would be 🙂