Personal and business development coaching

for managers, entrepreneurs, for individuals with a business idea, who would like to change, develop, impact, improve and need a supporting, inspiring, motivating coach, who could help with goal-setting, decision making, action planning and assisting in the process.

Coaching topics might be:

  • goal-setting
  • entrepreneurship
  • business planning, project planning
  • decision making
  • systems, structuring
  • process management: creating and optimizing processes
  • new responsibilities, team building
  • relationships, conflict management
  • motivation (self-motivation, team motivation)
  • self-awareness, consciousness
  • self-trust

Personal development coaching

Coaching is a structured, supporting, purposeful conversation, where the focus is on the client (coachee). As a coach I help you to find the right answers to your questions and the best solutions to your problems. It means, that I assist you on the path to more consciousness and self-awareness.

The first question is: “Where are you now in the present?” The coaching process starts from the present and goes towards the future. Exploring the past is not the purpose of the process.

What do you need for a conscious, succesfull project / business? A conscious / successful entrepreneur. You need to develop yourself.

GO consciously in the direction to your dreams!

Mindful coaching: mindfulness, here and now

During the coaching process the most common question is: “WHEN should I do / change / set up / be / develop / structure / restructure…?”

I always tell my clients that to “WHEN” questions the answer is always “NOW”. The most important question is rather this: “WHY not now? Why do not you start now? What is blocking you? What is hindering you in your life, in your business?”

I concentrate on these questions. If we found all the answers to these, there is nothing what can stand between you and your dreams.

When, if not NOW?

Business planning and development, entrepreneurship

  • Would you like to start your own business?
  • Do you want to develop your existing business?
  • Do you need more creative and innovative ideas?
  • Do you need to write a business plan?
  • Does it bother you to create the right marketing plan?
  • Are you setting up your product portfolio?
  • Is it a challenge for you to set up the right prices?
  • You do not know how to reach your customers?
  • You are in trouble with your partners?
  • Do you need help to create the right goals from your dreams and prepare a concrete plan?
  • Are you confused whether you are on your rigth path?
  • You take action, work, do your job, but you do not get to the next level?
  • Do you feel that you are not effective enough?
  • Are you interested in new solutions?

With questions like these, you can confidently turn to me for help.

I help you to get out of uncertainity and have confidence in what you need to do and be aligned with your feelings and thoughts.

Conscious business planning for entrepreneurs

Success largely depends on good planning. What should a business plan contain? The idea, the team, company form, the steps of the incorporation, legal background, location, strategies, business models, product, pricing, marketing, finance, budget, time management, workflow process analysis, risk analysis … etc.

Teambuilding training

Do you often feel that you are fighting alone? Few people follow you, listen to you? Who do you work with? What is your individual goal? What are the common goals? How can you work together? Do you know each other well? What is your working morale? Whose personality can match with each other? What motivational tools do you have? How can you motivate yourself and your team?

Conscious business model and processes

Who? With who? What? When? Where? How? Why? A well-functioning business model is aligned with your plans, your desires, your opportunities. This is your system. I can help you to find the blocks and look for the missing elements. The goal is to rais your awareness of your business model, your workflows and optimize them to increase the efficiency and productivity.

Passionate vocation

The best measure of success is JOY, that we experience every day. What is your heart´s desire? Do you have something special you want to share with the world? What brings you the greatest joy? How do you find your vocation and mission on Earth?

Decision making

During the coaching process you learn to make good decisions in important situations. Starting from the present situation, recognizing and accepting it, you can raise your awareness of your abilities, opportunities by taking more responsibility in your life, your profession and your job.

Work life balance

Do you work to live? Or do you live to work? Is work a “bad” thing or a necessary component of your life? Your work can only be balanced with your life if you are 1. happy at what you do, and thus 2. you do not have to split these two apart. How much do you enjoy your work?

Free GO-free consulting

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When if not NOW?

GO consciously in the direction of your dreams!