Freedom events

Digital Freedom Vienna: A co-operation with Lean in Femspace and Hotel Schani Wien, moderated a panel discussion with digital nomads, location independent workers, who live and work free having their own business and travelling. Further to the blog post.

Freedom X Fest Budapest 2017A two days event, where I participated as a co-organizer and a fascilitator with a workshop and a speech. With the amazing team we invited 25+ speakers from all over the world, planned 30+ programs and created a high quality event for our 300+ guests. This first fest was in Budapest and we plan to bring this magical event in other countries as well in 2018.


Conscious business constellation

Conscious business creation

Conscious creation

iMap – vision board

Do I need a love relationship?


One week retreat, uplifting in Kisnyalka

iCamp is about you, and of course it is about us as well:) As we spend the whole week together, we retreat from the city into the nature, to discover the tiny magical moments in our life, to have a better overview on our values, like: joy, fun, community, music, eating together, hicking..etc.

Mariann´s feedback about our last iCamp in October:

“Hi Orsi! I would like to give you a feedback, and thank you for creating and organizing this wonderful camp. This week had a big impact on me, changing my perspectives in many ways. I am uplifted, energized, I feel great ever since! I had great recognitions during our talks and the constellation work, I heard life-changing sentences, which influenced my thoughts and I still remember them. For me it was really necessary and usefull, relieving. I see many things different now and I could let go many of my blocks. I hope it will remain.

I am happy to have participated and experienced all this. Thank you!”

Registration for the iCamp in 2018 is coming soon.

More information about the camp

It is better together:) Co-creation!

If you would like to paticipate in the organization, planning, fascilitating of this events,  workshops, iCamp, get in contact with me!