Conscious business planning for entrepreneurs

Success largely depends on good planning. What should a business plan contain? The idea, the team, company form, the steps of the incorporation, legal background, location, strategies, business models, product, pricing, marketing, finance, budget, time management, workflow process analysis, risk analysis … etc.

Teambuilding training

Do you often feel that you are fighting alone? Few people follow you, listen to you? Who do you work with? What is your individual goal? What are the common goals? How can you work together? Do you know each other well? What is your working morale? Whose personality can match with each other? What motivational tools do you have? How can you motivate yourself and your team?

Conscious business model and processes

Who? With who? What? When? Where? How? Why? A well-functioning business model is aligned with your plans, your desires, your opportunities. This is your system. I can help you to find the blocks and look for the missing elements. The goal is to rais your awareness of your business model, your workflows and optimize them to increase the efficiency and productivity.

Passionate vocation

The best measure of success is JOY, that we experience every day. What is your heart´s desire? Do you have something special you want to share with the world? What brings you the greatest joy? How do you find your vocation and mission on Earth?

Conscious business coaching

During the coaching process you learn to make good decisions in important situations. Starting from the present situation, recognizing and accepting it, you can raise your awareness of your abilities, opportunities by taking more responsibility in your life, your profession and your job.

Work life balance

Do you work to live? Or do you live to work? Is work a “bad” thing or a necessary component of your life? Your work can only be balanced with your life if you are 1. happy at what you do, and thus 2. you do not have to split these two apart. How much do you enjoy your work?


Coaching is a structured, supporting, purposeful conversation, where the focus is on the client (coachee). As a coach I help the client to find the answers to his questions and problems as much as possible. That means, I lead him to a self-knowledge path.

The first question is: “Where are you now in the present?” Coaching starts from the present and goes to the future. Exploring the past is not the purpose of the process.

In addition to the methods, models, techniques, sharing own experiences can also help the client to increase awareness. Not only the coach, but the coachee is also responsible for the whole process of working together.


There are many different types of meditations. There is one type, where we focus on silence, emptiness, try to turn off our mind, to calm it down, what can be pretty difficult. There is also a meditation type, which has a specific topic, a focus what can be used to keep our mind busy. Both types of meditations are about concentration, focus and paying attention. There are some people, who can focus more easily, if they are being led during the meditation, or listening to some music. There are also those, who can meditate on their own rhythm. Meditation is not a one-time activity, it is a daily routine, a habit we practice every day. You can meditate on your own, or you can group together and meditate on a common purpose, common cause.

I constellation

The I constellation is based on family-, and system constellation, it is an energy work. In the blog you can read more about it here. What we are dealing with: Who Is this “I”? What are my thoughts and emotional patterns? What beliefs do I have? How do these beliefs support me? What are my goals, my desires, how are they in line with me? How conscious is my life? How much responsibility do I take for my life? What is preventing, blocking me? Where do these obstacles come from? How do I let go of my fears? Am I at my place? Is everyone in its place in my system? Does the energy flow?

Group workshop

In group sessions, we deal with self-awareness and topics, where we can easily reach our goals by raising our consciousness. We might touch more life areas, like partnership, health, work, wealth, family, travel…. Everything is connected. Group sessions have great power to initiate changes, as the group’s energy is added, more ideas and more help may arise.

What is more

The services listed above are supplemented by energetic work: room clearing, chakra and aura cleaning.

Since all is energy (by complying with the laws of quantum physics) everything we focus on, where we pay attention, exists, and it is transformable, it is changeable. It is easy to transform blocking, negative energies into positive, supportive energies, by opening our consciousness and simple focusing on the things that matter.

For this reason, openness, intention and faith are of utmost importance during the whole process.

Anyone who would like to heal and develop is capable of change!


“I recommend to visit Orsi from my whole heart. She is a very positiv, understanding, joyful and honest person. She helped me to realize my negativ habits and thinking patterns, and what is more, to transform these to positiv. She showed me, that life is wonderful and everything is possible.”

Melinda Németh

“I gained valuable business and marketing ideas. Orsolya has a vibrating personality, she shakes me up  and amazes me everytime we meet. In the work with her I got new ideas, while I could strengthen my confidence, and found new creativ solutions together.”

Boglárka Bábiczkisinger, mental trainerLarkaboglarka

“Before we began to work together with Orsi, I felt lost. I was lonely fighting in a foreign country as an entrepreneur. During the sessions I succeeded to release my controll mania, at least the bad one. I perceive the process not as a fight anymore, but a joyful, blessed opportunity, with which I can help myself and the world. It was wonderful to work with Orsi, I was looking forward to the sessions, and afterwards I was even more motivated. We worked not only in good mood, but very effective as well. It is for sure, that without her I would be somewhere else. I learned tricks, which I can use daily, very effectively. I have to smile. I am very grateful and confidently recomment her.”

Sheila Boatengphysiotherapist

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